Save a Lot on Fees with Tourist Sales

With the unlikely acronym, DCC stands for “Dynamic Currency Conversion”. This means that when a foreign tourist purchases an item from you and wishes to pay with their Credit/Debit card then the terminal can offer the price in Pounds or the tourist’s own currency. If the tourist chooses their currency (and why they would not) then EVO converts the currency for them rather than the tourist’s bank. EVO shares the currency conversion with you as the merchant. This means that you are paid a commission automatically with the terminal doing all the work. EVO offers exceptionally good currency conversion rates which are updated daily. DCC is offered on all Cards UK terminals. The Cards UK terminal offers Euros, American dollars, Japanese Yen and 43 other currencies.


A share of the conversation is 1% rebate to you as the merchant. Makes a good impact on lowering your card payment fees.

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